Review: The Prettiots – ‘Suicide Hotline’


Brooklyn all-female trio, The Prettiots' latest single 'Suicide Hotline' will get people talking.

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Brooklyn-based three piece, The Prettiots, have released their single ‘Suicide Hotline’ to follow up their recent debut 7” Boys (I Dated In High School). Their cutesy ukulele chords, gentle instrumentation and satirical lyrics courtesy of Kay Kasparhauser, combine to create their signature sound.

Their latest single will no doubt cause a stir through its seemingly laidback attitude towards depression and suicide. Yet there are certainly parallels that can be drawn to Aussie singer-songwriter Courtney Barnett, who is renowned for her witty lyrics and deadpan delivery. The opening line of “On a scale of one to Plath I’m like a four” and the chorus of “I’m not fine but I’ll be okay” set the sardonic tone of the track. The references to Plath, Woolf and Hemingway, key literary figures all of whom who have committed suicide, further the band’s darkly humorous yet intellectual aesthetic.

The upbeat harmonies and alt-pop melodies make ‘Suicide Hotline’ a highly likeable track, but it may leave a bit of a sour taste, due to the blasé approach it takes towards the both topical and serious issue of mental illness. Perhaps sometimes you have to see the light in dark situations, which no doubt the Prettiots trio do with some controversy, through irony and self-depreciation.

‘Suicide Hotline’ is out Friday 2nd October via Rough Trade.


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