Review: The Enemy – ‘So Much Love’


The Enemy's latest single 'So Much Love' will get fans excited ahead of their fourth studio album, It's Automatic.

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Ahead of their fourth studio album It’s Automatic, which is out this Friday, The Enemy have released their third single ‘So Much Love.’ It joins ‘It’s Automatic’ and ‘Don’t Let Nothing Get In The Way’ as a hint of the evolved sound fans should expect from the new album.

For those that haven’t heard any of the new releases by the band, ‘So Much Love’ will likely come as something of a surprise, especially to their fans still familiar with their previous hits which include ‘Had Enough’ and ‘We Live and Die In These Towns.’ The track moves on from a guitar driven sound towards one that has a more electronic edge. With basic yet memorable lyrics like, “You’re the forbidden fruit, you’re the one I can’t have” the track has you singing along within a couple of listens without even realising it.

‘So Much Love’ is a smart and developed release from the band that epitomises why The Enemy are still relevant to the current music scene today. They have taken note of the general movement away from guitar music and have adapted accordingly. Rather than sticking with the kind of music they have previously released they have ambitiously moved into new realms that make this track an interesting listen.

‘So Much Love’ is out now via VAM Records.


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