Review: The Wombats – ‘Emoticons’

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After 4 years of waiting, 'Emoticons' isn't quite what the fans had in mind.

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It has been 4 years since their last studio album, and just when fans start to wonder if they are still around, the The Wombats return with more tales of love, loss and desperation.

‘Emoticons’ is the latest single of the newly released album, Glitterbug, exploring the idea that technology makes it easier for us to hide behind words and images: shielding our real emotions, leading to consistent miscommunication. “And all these emoticons and words, try to make it better but they only make it worse”.

‘Emoticons’ is far from the classic indie rock anthems such as ‘Let’s Dance To Joy Division’ or ‘Kill The Director’. It offers a different angle to the music we would normally expect from the band. Instead, we find a song demanding to be taken seriously, far from the typical fast paced and comical lyrics that normally fuel the energy for The Wombats’ core sound.

Unfortunately, this new style has driven away many of the older fans of the band, after waiting 4 years for a new album, Glitterbug has come as a disappointment. However, the track may appeal to a newer fan base, those who may not remember the indie rock anthems of their last two albums, being drawn by the catchier and poppier change in direction from The Wombats.

‘Emoticons’ is out now via 14th Floor Records.


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