Review: Daughter – ‘Doing The Right Thing’


Daughter are back with their new single, 'Doing The Right Thing,' a moving track that addresses the sensitive issue of dementia.

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Daughter return with their much anticipated new single, ‘Doing the Right Thing,’ following the release of their first studio album If You Leave back in in 2013. The band have been compared to the likes of Lucy Rose and London Grammar, and are often recognised by the wistful and melancholic tone to their songs. Fans of the band will be pleased to know that they have a new album, Not To Disappear, scheduled for release in 2016.

It is immediately clear that this is a Daughter track from the moment lead singer Elena Tonra’s recognisably haunting vocals begin. The band establish their signature sombre tone straight away through their addressing of the effect that dementia has on a family. “I’ll call out in the night for my mother, but she isn’t coming back for me, cause she’s already gone” is possibly the most heart-breaking of Tonra’s lyrics within the song. The use of reverb on the vocals in combination with a gentle drumbeat help to add to the eerie tone of the track.

It is important to remember that this is more than just an emotion filled song; it is captivating and musically complex. Although it is a little over five minutes long, which may put some new listeners off, this is definitely a track that you should take time out of your day to listen to.

‘Doing The Right Thing’ is out now via 4AD.


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