Review: Zola Blood – Pieces Of The Day


Sprinkled with melodic synth work and glossy vocals, the track's warbling start makes it something different.

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‘Pieces Of The Day’ follows the dreamy release of ‘Play Out’, a track complete with vintage synthesisers and undulating rhythms. Their follow up is all this and more: the construction is precise, the synth work delicate, and what the Hackney four-piece have produced is a captivating track.

The warbling synths that introduce listeners to the track are automatically intriguing, creating a darker dimension than found on the band’s previous sound. Offset by Matt West’s fluid vocals, the track grows: culminating in a subtle chorus with sprinkling synth flourishes. An unexpected element is the distant brass instruments that gradually come into play, adding an organic sound to the otherwise electronic tone of ‘Pieces Of The Day’. As with ‘Play Out’, the track dissolves into an abyss of reverberating synths and carefully placed melodies.

Whilst ‘Pieces Of The Day’ holds more power than the band’s previous release, it still doesn’t achieve that climax that the track has the potential to reach. But maybe I’m reading it wrong: maybe we are meant to be carried along by synth melodies and glossy vocals, without always reaching for something more. If so, Zola Blood do it well.

‘Pieces Of The Day’ is available to stream now via Soundcloud.


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