Review: Oh Wonder – ‘Without You’


A gentle song with pretty piano melodies and a warming tone.

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‘Without You’ gently details loss: unspecified as to whether it is loss through death or the breakdown of a relationship. Either works with its lyrics, with the admittance of “I’m a little bit lost without you”, and the chorus covering the things they can no longer do without you.

Growing from a tinkling piano melody and a soft hi hat, ‘Without You’ gradually grows in depth as the duo’s voices glide through the instrumentation. The hi hat is persistent throughout and picks up the pace, whilst the track grows towards its chorus. There’s something happily jaunty about the track, epitomised by Josephine Vander Gucht and Anthony West’s vocals that are beautifully paired. Compare them to Of Monsters And Men if you will, but Oh Wonder have something more magical about them: it may be in their softly spoken words or their simple composition, but listening to ‘Without You’ is a warming experience.

Compared to other tracks on Oh Wonder (‘Livewire’ and ‘Landslide’, for example), ‘Without You’ doesn’t quite have so much depth. It’s a safe track that gently bobs along through relatable lyrics and neatly stays on the border between indie and pop. It’s definitely lovely, though.

‘Without You’ is out now via Oh Wonder’s independent label.


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