Review: Yo La Tengo – ‘My Heart’s Not In It’


Not the most original cover ever; but something doesn't need to be, to be beautifully performed and wonderfully produced. Alternative, indie rock and easy listening at it's best.

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Fresh from celebrating their 30th anniversary, Yo La Tengo released their fourteenth studio album Stuff Like That There. A fitting tribute to their massive contributions to the genre, the album is composed of revisits to their own songs – predominantly from 1990 album Fakebook – as well as covers of tracks decades and genres that they’ve given the proper Yo La Tengo treatment. Accompanying tracks including The Cure’s ‘Friday I’m In Love’, features a delightful swooning cover of the 1940s track ‘My Heart’s Not In It’.

First written and performed by Darlene McCrea, in Yo la Tengo’s cover the lyrics are softly crooned. Starting with a tradition multi-layered acoustic treatment that carries a synth-y sting in its tail, Georgia Hubley leads the vocals with a high, youthful voice. It’s a beautiful treatment of the track, wonderfully produced with a clean crisp sound that stays true to the swinging easy of the 40s, while still feeling off the cuff.

A sufficiently original cover and seemingly effortless despite flawless production and instrumentals, ‘My Heart’s Not In It’ is a joy to hear.

‘Stuff Like That There’ is out now via Matador Records.


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