Review: Purity Ring – ‘Begin Again’


Addictive and exciting, 'Begin Again' is a must listen from the Canadian electronic duo.

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‘Begin Again’ is delicately interesting. An expert with his homemade instruments, Corin Roddick effortlessly charms with soft house beats and lots of echoing synth for added clubbing appeal while the flawlessly smooth vocals of Megan James sit lightly atop.

As the name suggests, the addictive track is gentle enough to listen to on repeat, with a persistent building baseline that hits in just the right places every time. A hypnotising chorus keeps you coming back, a creepily dissonant sound accompanied by the titular hook fitting perfectly.

James’ lyrics are simple but poetic, and at first seem rather pretty, as she admits “I’ve been watching your kindness keep a lonely company.” However, it’s half way through the first verse that suspicions start to arise, and you begin to wonder if the one she sings about is in fact human at all, or rather something she watches “creep” around her “wandering feet.”

Certainly one of the highlights on Another Eternity, ‘Begin Again’ is full of risky energy and those dark undertones that keep the listener on their toes. One to keep a careful eye on, and a standout track from the electronic duo.

‘Begin Again’ is out now via Last Gang Records.


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