Review: Coldplay – ‘Adventure Of A Lifetime’


The dawn after the night of Ghost Stories, Adventure Of A Lifetime is an enticing sniff of Coldplay's happiest album yet.

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Where did Coldplay go after Ghost Stories? Back to the studio to make their happiest album yet, apparently. After teasers in the tube, our first taste of A Head Full Of Dreams comes in the shape of ‘Adventure Of A Lifetime’, where Chris Martin oozes swagger with surprising aplomb.

Based upon a perpetual riff that only begins to feel mildly unwelcome three minutes in, the single sees the band explore the magical nature of life and love, as opposed to the ominous Scandinavian forest of conscious uncoupling that was Ghost Stories. Last time the band tried vibrancy was Mylo Xyloto, a mindless pop record that saw fit to include Rihanna and Peanuts in equal measure. Where that stumbled, ‘Adventure Of A Lifetime’ stays grounded despite its lack of physical presence.

“You make me feel / Like I’m alive again,” sings Martin, as the Stargate-produced undertones simmer and savour in ways that would make Nile Rodgers proud. Danceable disco rock inspired by Guns N’ Roses? This is not a Coldplay you know. This might not even be a Coldplay you want. Yet, a Coldplay enjoying their music and sounding like it too? That’s where dreams are made.

‘Adventure Of A Lifetime’ is out now via Parlophone.


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