Review: Justin Bieber – ‘I’ll Show You’


The singer has returned with another mature pop single, playing it safe.

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Like any 21 year old, Justin Bieber has spent the last few years maturing from the teenager he was into the adult he is becoming. Unlike the vast majority of us, however, Bieber has undergone this growth under constant scrutiny. Latest single ‘I’ll Show You’ from the upcoming album Purpose allows the popstar to weigh in with his take on the situation.

Opening with Bieber delicately crooning over an atmospheric synthesizer before a sparse drumbeat kicks in, the melancholic RnB owes a lot to Drake’s signature sound and recent success. Unlike Drake however, ‘I’ll Show You’ could be played for your Grandmother, as Bieber’s lyrics are saccharine and the overall tone of the song is Disneyfied.

Yet another song with producer Skrillex, ‘I’ll Show You’ wouldn’t be complete without a soaring electronica drop to ensure that it still fills the dancefloor. The consistency with Bieber’s new sound is also the song’s downfall, as it carefully follows the set pop song formula, and can’t quite measure up to the standards of his other recent singles. ‘I’ll Show You’ sets a mature standard, which is necessary but sadly predictable.

‘I’ll Show You’ is out now via Def Jam.

‘I’ll Show You’ appears on the album Purpose, released November 13th on Def Jam.


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