Review: Pusha T – ‘Untouchable’


Remaining unchanging in his new single, Pusha T proves that consistency is key. Although, settling with the same style in this song makes for listening where you feel like you’ve already heard the track.

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A year after releasing ‘Lunch Money’, Pusha T is back and nothing has changed in his style, upholding the reputation as the most consistent rapper around. He stays punchy in his delivery of coke-rife metaphors and similes, favouring a minimal, yet hauntingly hot instrumental by Timbaland that includes a Biggie Smalls sample from Pudgee’s track ‘Think Big’ that he featured on back in 1995.

Hopefully we won’t have to wait another year for a new music from the Virginian rapper but if we do, we know that it’ll come in the form of his highly anticipated album King Push, and that, I can wait for. However, the opening lyric of “I drops every blue moon/ To separate myself from you kings of the YouTube,” upholds his continuing values in releasing quality music and on rare occasions. The same can’t be said for many of the ‘kings of the YouTube’ that he refers to, who favour pure volume of mediocre music that only proves successful from social media hype.

‘Untouchable’ is out now via The Island Def Jam Music Group.


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