Review: Ella On The Run – ‘Cavalry’


'Cavalry' showcases a precise range of vocals layered over captivating electronic work, but it lacks something that would make it a must-listen.

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‘Cavalry’ is the first recent release by Ella On The Run not taken from her War Of Words EP. Working in the same vein as previous release, ‘Rodeo Clowns’, the track showcases Ella’s vocals, entwining them with layers of reaching synths and ethereal “oohs”.

Emerging from a staccato drumbeat, the tone is set for a track with more presence than can be experienced with ‘Rodeo Clowns.’ Where her previous release was safe, and at times demure, ‘Cavalry’ is punchy, and darkly powerful. There’s a soulful tone to the lower vocals emitted in the track’s verses, giving them a husky strength that contrasts nicely to the higher, jaunty rhythm of the chorus. Simple in construction, ‘Cavalry’ undulates throughout, making for a listening experience that plunges in and out of intensity.

‘Cavalry’ doesn’t grab your attention straight away, nor does it demand to be listened to. But there’s something enticing about its simplicity, and once again it is Ella on the Run’s that take centre stage on the electro-pop background.

‘Cavalry’ is out now via Scruffy. 


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