Review: Everything Everything – ‘No Reptiles’


Unconventional, yet powerful and bizarrely intelligent.

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Jarring. That’s the only word for this track. From the mellow synths mixed busily with crashing symbols, and discordant clatters of piano keys thrown in the mix, to the bizarre lyrical images sung as if some profound commentary on society is taking place – which it probably is, knowing Everything Everything.

The title seems to be based off the claim that people aren’t reptiles; they are in fact boiled eggs in suits. And the image of a fat infant in a pushchair seems to be painfully important, hearing it over and over again making me wonder whether this is a comment on capitalism or consumerism, or the limitations of society – or whether in fact frontman Jonathan Higgs just saw an overweight kid one day and the image stuck.

So while everything (everything) seems muffled, from the synthetic drums to what they’re actually even talking about, nothing quite breaking the surface, ‘No Reptiles’ holds a muted power, the music video only going further to prove that artists like this appear to know something dark that they’re only willing to share hidden within unintelligibly fast lyrics and instrumentals that leave you feeling like you’re just on the brink of an inside joke.

‘No Reptiles’ is out now via RCA.


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