Review: The Vamps – ‘Rest Your Love’


A catchy, decent sounding, complete snooze.

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It’s rare to find a song that you can almost perfectly respond to critically with Taylor Swift lyrics or paraphrasing. ‘Rest Your Love’ for instance, leaves you lying on the cold hard ground, screaming “ugh” into the floor. Shame on you for thinking it could be good, you knew exactly what you’d be getting in for with The Vamps. Perfectly humdrum boy band pop, doing their best to imitate EDM structure with One Direction’s style, and a second class level of their charm.

It’s not that they’ve made a bad song, but they refuse to fly you to places you’ve never been, with it. After four bars of a decent wah-wah style guitar riff, the vocals begin with lyrics that are at best confoundingly dull, at worst seem pulled from the mind of a self-involved 12-year old. It doesn’t so much left-turn into the Avicii-mimicry as slide smoothly away from you towards his influence. It doesn’t deserve to be catchy, but if you rip from the most absurdly catchy of the moment, it’s what you’re going to get. Shame on me? Shame on them.

‘Rest Your Love’ is out now via Virgin EMI.


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