Review: Bloc Party – ‘The Good News’


Bloc Party's second single from their upcoming album Hymns is certainly worth a listen.

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British indie rock band Bloc Party have recently returned from hiatus and with an all new line-up. Kele Okereke remains at the helm, alongside Russel Lissack on lead guitar, but drummer Matt Tong and bassist Gordon Moakes are replaced with Justin Harris and Louise Bartle. They have recently released their second single, ‘The Good News’, which is taken from their upcoming fifth studio album, Hymns. 

When their previous single ‘The Love Within’ was released, the band premiered their new sound, one that was less guitar driven than their previous work and had a more synthy edge. Surprisingly, ‘The Good News’ appears to move away again towards a more bluesy anthem. Despite the stylistic changes Bloc Party make with their transitions, one thing remains the same and that is the smoothness of Okereke’s vocals. In true Bloc Party fashion their lyrics keep in tune with their signature references to religion, most notably: “You just need faith, been looking for answers in the wrong place.”

Those that have been fans of the band since their debut album Silent Alarm, which was released over 10 years ago, will no doubt be dubious of their new sound. However, ‘The Good News’ will reassure them as it is more in keeping with the sound that Bloc Party is famed for. Even if you weren’t a fan of ‘The Love Within’ you should definitely give this a listen.

‘The Good News’ is out now via BMG.


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