Review: Circa Waves – ‘Something Like You’


Sweet, but forgettable.

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Liverpool rockers Circa Waves have had a very successful 2015, after the release of their relentlessly upbeat, riff and power chord riven début album Young Chasers, but in their cover of the Michael Head And The Strands track ‘Something Like You’, they’re looking to give back, and apparently to slow down.

Will there ever be a truly great charity song released in this generation? This isn’t it, but it’s not bad. The band have all the benefit of the pre-existing lyrics, charting an almost adolescent love, and they back it up with intentionally laid-back acoustic guitar driven melody. Quite how this all relates to the charity that it’s for (that would be War Child) isn’t really important, it’s certainly better than something as on the nose as Band Aid. It’s clear that Circa Waves love this song and they make it into something sweetly melancholic, but that’s all it is. There’s little punch, power, or even passion to it, all things that could be heard throughout Young Chasers.

‘Something Like You’ is out now via Virgin EMI.


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