Review: Ariana Grande – ‘Wit it This Christmas’


Grande's Christmas jingle is worth a miss. It remains overworked with sound but lacks any integrity in terms of lyrics and vocals.

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Ariana Grande is no stranger to a Christmas soundtrack and this year is no different. Released last week, the new four track Christmas & Chill EP will serve as a follow-up to 2013’s Christmas Kisses and 2014’s ‘Santa Tell Me.’

Unlike that project, though, this release’s festive tunes are all original, with tracks called ‘True Love,’ ‘Winter Things,’ ‘Wit It This Christmas’ and ‘December.’

‘Wit It This Christmas’ is an odd mix of sleigh bells, drop moments familiar from R&B and long extended Ariana notes. Unfortunately this hasn’t come together to make a new classic. The song seems to be a cross between an 90s R&B track and a mediocre club track with a bit of violin thrown in.

The lyrics are equally frustrating: they feel like they’re pandering to a male audience. The song attempts to create Christmas as a ‘sexy’ time where Grande croons “Come and kiss me, baby/ We don’t need no mistletoe/ We don’t need no fireplace/ Boy, I’ll keep you nice and warm”. While this traditional pandering to the male ego serves a lot of Ariana’s songs well, it seems a bit misplaced here alongside Christmas. Unlike Mariah’s classic ‘All I Want For Christmas’ this song seems a little too far with Christmas references thrown in when really this is just another song about a boy.

‘Wit It This Christmas’ is an overworked mishmash that fails to convince me that Grande possesses the kind of cool you need for missing off words in titles. I’m sorry Grande but I don’t want to be “the only drum that you’re gonna play,” I’d rather stick to something that knows where it belongs in terms of genre.

‘Wit It This Christmas’ is out now via Republic.


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