Review: Sia – ‘Cheap Thrills’


Perfect for the summer, Sia may have missed the best release date for this track but 'Cheap Thrills' is fun, flouncy and sugary.

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Sia’s upcoming album This is Acting is an amalgamation of songs rejected by other artists bar one. Adele turned down lead single ‘Alive’, recent buzz track ‘Bird Set Free’ was intended for the Pitch Perfect 2 soundtrack, and now comes ‘Cheap Thrills’, which was politely declined by Rihanna.

The track is familiar of Brit-pop released in summer time that suits vocals of the likes of Icona Pop, but Sia’s russet tone still works here. Although this isn’t the big ballad or club track that Sia is known for familiar from ‘Chandelier’ or ‘Elastic Heart,’ ‘Cheap Thrills’ works as a song to bop along to in the car, full of life and movement without ever going over the edge into house.

The track isn’t your regular Sia sound but of course she’s acting. The song is pure candy, sweet and sugary and popular without ever being a contender for the number one slot. The tropical beat works as an easy soundtrack to most listening activities but with lyrics like “I love cheap thrills” there’s definitely no way this track would have worked for hard-core Rihanna.

Whilst the track is easy listening, upbeat and will definitely do well in the charts, it’s lack of strong flavour will keep it from the top spot. Sia’s acting is great, but we love her when she is just herself.

‘Cheap Thrills’ is out now via Monkey Puzzle Records.


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