Review: EKKAH – ‘Small Talk’


EKKAH's new track is vibrant, infectious and slick, proving that unlike cheesy disco pop their sound and music are fresh and well produced.

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Currently working on their debut album, disco pop duo EKKAH (Rebekah Pennington and Rebecca Wilson) have released brand new track ‘Small Talk’. The single is their first since the release of their debut EP Last Chance To Dance, and their first offering since being signed to Sony Music and RCA Records.

On ‘Small Talk’, produced by Brighton producer Tourist, the two Rebeccas channel their signature disco dance vibe with echoing handclaps grabbing the listener from the first second, swooning infectious melodies and colourful synths.

Talking about their new track, EKKAH have said “You know when you’re at that party and really just don’t care about the chit chat, just wanna hang and dance with the person that makes it fun? That’s what ‘Small Talk’ is about!”. The girls stick to their easygoing themes of late night fun making the track vibrant and infectious. Their lyrics are hardly complex – not a negative criticism as more emotive songwriting can be seen elsewhere in their discography – adding to the laid-back and fun nature of their music.

With their first EP EKKAH created their unique image and sound of 70s disco style dance-floor pop, a genre which today could come across as cheesy. But Pennington and Wilson have shown with ‘Small Talk’ that their music is well crafted, slick and fun.

‘Small Talk’ is out now via Sony Music.


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