Review: MUNA – ‘So Special’


A bold, bouncing breakup anthem.

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Alternative pop trio MUNA have just dropped their new The Loudspeaker EP, following their singles ‘Winterbreak’ and ‘Loudspeaker’. ‘So Special’ is track two on the EP, an upbeat but bittersweet breakup anthem about coming to the realisation that you’re not ‘So Special’ to that person after all.

There’s a dreamlike, special quality to the glossy production of ‘So Special’, helped along by lead vocalist Katie Gavin’s full, clear voice. Despite the sense of resignation in the lyrics, the song boasts an effortlessly bouncy chorus, imbuing the track with an almost hopeful feeling. “Guess I’m gonna find another bride / Guess I’ll see you in another life”, Gavin sings over a muffled beat, bidding goodbye to an ex-lover in the catchiest way possible.

‘So Special’ excellently showcases the kind of captivating alt-pop magic that MUNA is capable of, and is a perfect follow-up to their previous singles. This radio-ready song, along with the other tracks on the EP, offers an excellent introduction to the band’s dark-pop sound before they release their first full-length album.

‘So Special’ is out now via RCA Records.


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