Review: Spring King – ‘Detroit’


This track could be Spring King's next big anthem. Upbeat and tuneful, they're the gift to music that keeps giving.

Spring King’s ‘Detroit’ is not that different from any of their previous singles, retaining that identifiable reverb on the vocals, heavy guitars, and an upbeat rhythm. The opening riff even sounds like it could easily fit into a Slaves track.

Yet, in comparison to their previous releases, ‘Detroit’ is a much easier listen. It’s more tuneful and easier to sing along to without losing any of the raw indie sound that Spring King regularly displays. The track gives off a nice contrast through some pretty cheerful vibes and melancholy lyrics.

Whilst it’s not a track that will stick out immediately, it’s the kind of song that’ll grow on you, much like the likes of ‘Rectifier.’ It’s not as interesting melodically as their previous singles, but that doesn’t have to be a downfall.

This track would be incredible live, with a repetitive chorus that you can quickly sing even if you didn’t know the song before and a perfect rhythm to pogo to. It’s easy to see how this song would be a great addition to any festival set they do and it may well be the anthemic key to their success.

‘Detroit’ is out now via Island


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