Review: CHVRCHES feat. Hayley Williams – ‘Bury It’


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Of Paramore fame, singer Hayley Williams has an extremely powerful voice that manages to hit every note with melodic perfection. Combine her with Scottish synthpop trio CHVRCHES, one of the most popular upcoming bands, and you seemingly have the recipe for a breathtaking song. But, while still good, this new rendition of Every Open Eye‘s ‘Bury It’ isn’t all that special, lacking any sort of special ingredient and resulting in a pretty generic and very repetitive pop song.

Both Williams’ and CHVRCHES’ own Lauren Mayberry’s vocals are first class. Both hit impressive notes in their respective parts of the song though, while you can tell the points Williams takes over, she sounds quite similar to Mayberry, leaving me at a bit of a loss to why they invited her to feature. Though she definitely doesn’t take anything away from the song, it does feel like having Williams in on the action is more to sell records than to add anything tangible to the song.

The tune, a mix of synth and drums, is fast paced to suit the vocals of the song, but becomes very repetitive as it is pretty much the same throughout. There is an impressive hook of notes after Williams and Mayberry howl the title what seems like a million times which shows a hint of CHVRCHES’ real potential, however the backing track feels neglected through the verses in favour of the song’s lyrics.

‘Bury It’ isn’t bad by any means, but it certainly isn’t amazing either. Originally a popular track from CHVRCHES’ 2015 LP Every Open Eye, they invited Williams to feature on its single release after she expressed her love of the band. With Williams just slotted in at points where Lauren Mayberry originally sang, ‘Bury It’ feels like a wasted opportunity. It would have been far better if CHVRCHES and Williams had crafted a new song together, and I’m sure it could have been amazing with such large talents on board, unlike ‘Bury It,’ which simply fails to strike a chord.

‘Bury It’ is out now via Virgin Records


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