Review: Hozier – ‘Better Love’


Although it presents nothing new, 'Better Love' is still something beautiful thanks to his haunting voice and soulful lyrics.

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‘Better Love,’ Hozier’s first track since his self-titled debut album is a very typical film anthem, coming from the soundtrack of the new The Legend Of Tarzan film starring Alexander Skarsgård and Margot Robbie. Despite being good and catchy, it doesn’t really offer much opportunity for the artist to explore anything new. As this track exemplifies, his voice is absolutely beautiful, with a husky yet pure tone that perfectly fits songs like this about passion and intense love. The way he writes his music emphasises that even further.

The song masterfully builds, starting with just piano and vocals and gradually building up with different sections coming in as the song progresses. The sound fills as it approaches the chorus, creating a rock-oriented atmosphere with its steady drum beat, eerie backing vocals, and electric guitar. It’s as good as everything Hozier has previously released, but I think that that’s the problem. It’s just as good. It’s consistent and too familiar, refusing to be something fresh, original, or exciting.

It doesn’t create an instant connection and, while it has grown on me since its release, there is nothing that screams that it will be a memorable song in the days to come. It makes for a good listen and has, as does seemingly every good song written for a film, epic moments, but in terms of his progression as an individual artist, ‘Better Love’ is nothing special for Hozier.

‘Better Love’ is out now via Universal Music


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