Review: The Naked And Famous – ‘Higher’


Similar in sound to their earlier singles, but for fans of the band 'Higher' is a certain hit.

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Three years after their last album, the return of New Zealand quintet The Naked And Famous is far from subtle. The breakup of Thom Powers and Alisa Xayalith, their leading duo, is clearly a driving force in the lyrics of ‘Higher,’ with a powerful chorus – “Tonight we bury this in fire, fire / Under the shape of years / And the weight that brought us here” – that clearly underlines the track’s central theme of moving on.

Xayalith’s vocals, soaring with emotion, are as fantastic as they were on the group’s previous albums Punching In A Dream and In Rolling Waves, though the melody is a little repetitive and the singing of the titular refrain is a little jarring. The guitar riffs and synths reach a well-textured crescendo during the chorus, creating a dynamic tone that fluctuates throughout the song.

With their third album Simple Forms set for October, this lead single is a return to form that definitely builds excitement to see what the rest has to offer.

‘Higher’ is out now via Somewhat Damaged


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