Review: HONNE – ‘Good Together’


A bright and summery track that lacks originality in comparison to previous releases.

Tipped for success in our List earlier this year, the latest single from upcoming Brit duo HONNE lives out the excited and giddy feeling of getting into a new relationship. Fresh romance is manifested in the gospel-inspired backing and melody, above which frontman Andy sings, “I’ll meet you where the sun it always shines / You’re on my mind all the time / We are not wasting this,” evoking that strong feeling of new love with lyrical beauty and simplicity.

What lets HONNE down with ‘Good Together’ is its similarity to previous tracks, especially during the verses. Whilst they may be known for their synth bass, extreme vocal reverb, and late-night listening vibes, their latest singles all have a very similar feel, rhythm, and note range.

That is not to say, however, that ‘Good Together’ is not a pleasure to listen to. The chorus stands out as effortless and summery, and it might even be their cheeriest and most upbeat song yet. Soulful, optimistic and funky, HONNE are able to brilliantly inspire a feeling of pure laid-back happiness through their music, which would fit in well in an early evening festival slot. If only they could keep the tone of the chorus as a constant throughout the track.

‘Good Together’ is out now via Tatemae Recordings


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