Review: Danny L Harle feat. Carly Rae Jepsen – ‘Super Natural’


An exquisite marriage between ultra-modern melodic oomph and delicate yet alluring pop vocals, 'Super Natural' is exactly what it says on the startlingly-polished tin.

For the uninitiated, PC Music is weird. Perhaps ideally described as a production collective set on a synthetic and garish model for a future in which dance and pop and fun and samples of distorted latex are all synonymous, its most forward-thinking and public-facing presentations to date have come courtesy of affiliate Samuel Long, aka SOPHIE – Product, his own compendium of singles and bleeps, and the Vroom Vroom EP he produced for Charli XCX to launch her label of the same name.

Eloquent in interviews without the need for child-like voice pitching, a smiling and familiar face on camera with an avid social media presence, and producing the signature nectar free from any of the potentially bitter points generally there to be unearthed, the movement has found a frontman perfect for their partnership with the venerable Columbia Records in Danny L Harle. ‘Super Natural,’ his third single of the relationship, is the best yet, catapulting the uber-contemporary brand back towards late-millennium raves. Driven by claps and firmly bleating synths rising throughout, this is as much a hyperactive club record as a stimulating, radio-nudging tune.

With Carly Rae Jepsen as his sidekick, the feast is complete. Though the chronically underappreciated E•MO•TION saw the Canadian Idol graduate caress the spirit of the 1980s having already been behind a few phenomenal hooks, her ‘Super Natural’ turn is one of great warmth that complements Harle’s writing tremendously. “You’ve got to believe in me / This isn’t normal, not at all / It’s just like we don’t try, we just fit, you and I / We’re super natural,” its chorus, embraces the bold euphoria that springs around the record. With a joyous, carefree demeanour in the manner of ‘I Really Like You’ and ‘Good Time’ parading in a love-struck glow, one cannot help but bask in the vivid giddiness.

‘Super Natural’ is out now via PC Music and Columbia Records


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