Review: Gorgon City feat. Wyclef Jean — ‘Zoom Zoom’


An intriguing fusion of Haitian Creole and contemporary house, 'Zoom Zoom' is both summery and energetic.

The fourth single from Gorgon City’s upcoming two-part album Kingdom, ‘Zoom Zoom’ is an exotic collaboration with Haitian rapper Wyclef Jean that brings together two completely different genres with surprisingly satisfying results.

Introduced by the familiar synths and electronic beats of Gorgon City, the Creole influence slowly builds throughout the track, adding tribal percussion sounds and samples. Proudly bragging in one verse that his first record ever was a house music track in this sort of mould, Jean’s standout vocals only serve to show off this pedigree.

Although a not club banger in the traditional sense, the track’s summery vibe and layered percussion, combined with the Creole-English fusion lyrics, give it a carnival feel which will likely make its way into many nightclubs this summer.

‘Zoom Zoom’ is out now via Virgin EMI



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