Review: Deap Vally – ‘Gonnawanna’

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Hearkening back to the 90s riot grrrl movement, Deap Vally's new single could easily incite a reemergence of the genre.

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Fast-forward three years from debut album Sistronix and Californian rock duo Deap Vally (Lindsey Troy and Julie Edwards) is back with Femejism, with both singles so far marking a slight departure from their debut. With the underlying garage rock framework still there, ‘Smile More’ has a distinct grunge tone, whereas the aforementioned ‘Gonnawanna’ sticks it to the man and the establishment with a kickass riot grrrl sound.

An underground hardcore punk feminist movement in the 1990s that originated in the Pacific Northwest, bands of the riot grrrl movement incorporated feminism and the sounds of alternative rock and grunge into punk style and politics. ‘Gonnawanna’ fits perfectly into this soundscape, and one could easily mistake it for a song from the era. Putting it alongside the tracks of Bikini Kill (‘Rebel Girl’) in terms of sound and Babes In Toyland (‘Sweet ’69’) in terms of aesthetic, Deap Vally could be the catalyst for a reawakening of the movement.

As previously mentioned, both Femejism previews signify a shift in Deap Vally’s soundscape, with ‘Gonnawanna’ especially more lo-fi in comparison to 2013’s ‘Baby I Call Hell.’ With it, Troy and Edwards have laid down what worked with their first record and enhanced it with a stronger message courtesy of their signature guttural guitar and heavy drumming.

‘Gonnawanna’ is out now via Cooking Vinyl


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