Review: Everything Everything – ‘I Believe It Now’


We've learnt to expect some meaning to what Everything Everything songs say. The simplistic, lacklustre lyrics here only serve as to let down what could have been another fantastic single.

Everything Everything’s first release since the critically-acclaimed and politically-charged Get To Heaven (which made The Edge‘s top ten albums of 2015), ‘I Believe It Now’ carries the band’s familiar sound – one that is led by the creative mixture of electric tones that contrast Jonathan Higgs’ unique and mysterious high-pitched voice and continue to work fantastically together in a unique and distinctly arty rock mesh. The quirky spin they give to every one of their backing tracks cannot be replicated by any other act and never fails to make their songs a treat to listen to.

Yet, something is missing. Its lyrics are neither mysterious nor intriguing. There’s nothing here to drag you in and force the desire to listen over and over until you finally understand the quartet’s message, and it’s ever so disappointing. Through their first three albums, this has become something to expect from one of the finest and most original bands to ever come out of Manchester. Perhaps political undertones were out of the question due to the song being made specifically for BT Sport’s coverage of the new Premier League season. Either way, that context can’t stop the disappointment at what’s really nothing more than a song about football – “the rise and fall of hopes and dreams and the joy and pain that goes with football,” in the band’s own words.

The one good piece of news surrounding this single release is that the band has revealed its fourth studio album is in the works, and one can only hope that they’re saving their lyrical genius for the near future. What ‘I Believe It Now’ shows for now is that the band, quite possibly, may never be able to live up to their stunning discography to date.

‘I Believe It Now’ is out now via Sony Music


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  1. Alex is right, I really prefer his song ….oh wait, does he make music ?
    how does his music compare to the best band of our generation ?

    God I cannot stand music critics …. what a complete idiot

    if you really value lyrics so much, why don’t you listen to folk music or country music where the lyrics are the primary feature of the music ?

    I give Alex 3 stars … but 2 of the 3 are generously provided by my Christian upbringing only …..

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