Review: Foals – ‘Albatross’


The song boasts obvious musicality, making it extremely memorable.

After headlining at Reading and Leeds last month, British rock band Foals is going from strength to strength. Their amazing surge in popularity and exponential growth recently is wholly justified by ‘Albatross,’ What Went Down‘s latest single, which is slightly unusual in comparison to the loud, riff-based songs typically put out by the band. It blends together harsh rock and subtle musicality – namely, a strong melody throughout and an alternative structure.

Foals rhythm guitarist Jimmy Smith commented, “chordally-speaking, it’s one of the most interesting things we’ve done,” and this promise is backed up by some of their best writing to date. The lyrics consist of a string of luck-based and superstitious lines, with the title concept actually coming from an idea presented in a Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem, showing a deeper meaning to Yannis Philippakis’ words. These distinctive aspects of ‘Albatross’ are bound to impress more than just their fan base and make it a song that will appeal to many of those who have not warmed to their sound in the past.

‘Albatross’ is out now via Warner Music


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  1. Very well written and gave myself and Megan something lovely to sink our teeth into over a nice cup of tea, do come round some time!

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