Review: Tyga feat. Desiigner – ‘Gucci Snakes’


I'm now genuinely concerned about the snakes in Tyga's life. Who'd have thunk it?

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I’ve been waiting a long time for some good stuff from Tyga, and this dose of heavy, bouncy bass with him and Desiigner playing off each other’s verses makes for a pretty sweet contender, even if its lyrics are a little tricky to comprehend (“Witness my faith, burned believers die, make you a martyr / Keep a laser, Han Solo, snakes leather”). Unsurprisingly, the pair seem initially to just be rapping about spending their “bands” on Gucci merchandise, but then Desiigner takes a break from littering the track with his signature ad-libs and very much in the background with some Auto-Tune-slathered vocals on how he “see the snakes” after Tyga’s rapped about his trust issues (“I don’t trust nobody / I don’t trust nobody / Sea full of piranhas / If you loyal, watch my lawyers”). Are there a lot of cylindrical reptiles in the music industry? Who’s been betraying Tyga? I’m genuinely curious.

The production, courtesy of Tyga’s regular collaborator, feels quite Kanye West-y and, though perhaps a little too speedy for the subject matter and their respective flows, is stronger for it. With West’s own announcement this week that Tyga is joining Desiigner in the GOOD Music stable, don’t be surprised for this haute Whacking Day to pop up over the Cruel Winter.

‘Gucci Snakes’ is out now via Interscope


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