Review: Powell – Frankie [ft. Frankie]

Bassy Confusion

I'm confused and I don't understand how it works but I still love it and I don't even think I can criticise it because the angry bees are too much.

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Either ‘Frankie’ is much cleverer and deeper than it seems or I’m merely left perpetually overthinking and being rather intimidated by the nothingness of it. Taken from Powell’s upcoming record Sport, the electroclash/disco broke me a little at first, and now I can see it fitting into that scene in a film when someone’s at a party and there’s a huge party montage of dancing and drinking before it SUDDENLY STOPS and cuts to the next morning’s hangover.

At the start, it feels like someone found a drum for the first time and decided to hit it a lot. Then we transition into this funky electronic rhythm that sounds like bees or that weird sound you can make with your cheeks. And then Jonnine Standish jumps in almost purring the lyrics, completely juxtaposing the synth and angry bees as a rock beat and little electric guitar ditty come in.

It’s strange but Powell seems disurbingly on it and self-aware, making ‘Frankie’ a lovely bassy synthy electronic mess. While it really is an ugly-sounding song in parts with its sounds of snorting pigs, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested to hear what comes next.

‘Frankie’ is out now via XL


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