Review: Kero Kero Bonito – ‘Trampoline’


With no regard for health and safety, this is a delightfully happy and uplifting song.

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Kero Kero Bonito is back with another sugary pop delight, proving that you can indeed write a song about anything as long as it’s sufficiently synthy and poppy. We’ve had graduation, flamingos, and now we’re on trampolines an uplifting message of getting up after you’ve fallen down. Or rather, bouncing back up. You know, like a trampoline.

“First you fall down / Then you get back up again / Find your rhythm / Momentum is the key,” our favourite bilingual wordsmith Sarah Midori Perry sings in a lovely pep talk about rebelling against the forces of gravity. À la late 90s/early 00s girl groups, she sings about how she’s feeling down, but remembers her old trampoline in the garden which she uses to ‘break through’ the clouds above. Health and safety is clearly not a concern for the KKB trio.

It’s delightfully carefree, as Perry reminds us: “Even if you’re falling, that’s OK / There’s a trampoline waiting for you / You just have to believe” in incredibly soothing spoken word.

Trampoline is out now via Double Denim


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