Review: Kings Of Leon – ‘WALLS’


A mellow track that plays beautifully in the background when you're relaxing, Kings Of Leon's softer side is nothing exciting but is nevertheless wonderful.

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A slow burn that clocks in at over five minutes, ‘WALLS’ is somewhat fitting giving the long wait that Kings Of Leon fans have had for it. Its tone is mellow, not bearing the more anthemic rock structures of lead single ‘Waste A Moment‘ aside from a beautifully developed build and subtle usage of electric guitars and synthesisers. These, however, are not the focal point of the song. Instrumentally, it lies on the delicately plucked acoustic riff as well as the piano line that follows the melody, with this shift of instrumentation drawing attention to Caleb Followill’s rich and distinct vocals.

Highly reminiscent of the country genre, Followill displays his Tenessee origins whenever he sings. His voice always oozes emotion and authenticity, and that is what makes the words of ‘WALLS’ come to life. Even though the lyrics (of which there aren’t actually many over the long span of the song) are, for the most part, relatively simple, that voice sees it become something far more poignant. Conjuring images of beaches on a breezy day and lone wanderers exploring coastal views and long drives as the sun sets, it’s a splendid track for background relaxation and to propel you into the real heart of the album of the same name.

‘WALLS’ is out now via RCA


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