Review: Maroon 5 feat. Kendrick Lamar – ‘Don’t Wanna Know’


A tonally flat return from the Los Angeles band, failing to reach their previous level of passion-fuelled pop/rock.

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Their first new material since the rerelease of 2014’s V, the enormously underwhelming ‘Don’t Wanna Know’ leaves little to be desired from Maroon 5. Underpinned by an all-too-repetitive marimba-infused chorus, it lacks any of the tone or soul that the band is synonymous with, simply droning on with the same monotonous motif for its entire duration. Not even Kendrick Lamar, with his all-too-brief mini-rap in the penultimate bridge, can make it any less lifeless.

Compared to their undeniably emotive powerhouse pop anthems of late – from ‘Payphone‘ to ‘Sugar’ and ‘Animals’ – this latest effort just feels a lazy waste of Adam Levine’s otherwise pleasant vocals, which usually bear a lot more soul and passion. The context behind the lyrics is of someone in denial of (and drinking to forget) their ex’s activities. Not only is this a forgettable tune in itself, it’s also a weak and potentially worrying opener for their inevitable sixth studio album.

The band has evolved and switched up its style with every album since debuting Songs About Jane in 2002 but, if this is anything to go by, the latest stage in their discography seems to be a step in the wrong direction. But, y’know, at least the music video is interesting – if you like poorly imitated Pokémon characters and gratuitous celebrity cameos, that is.

‘Don’t Wanna Know’ is out now via Interscope


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