Review: Justice – ‘Alakazam!’


A straightforward and simplistic cut from the French pair.

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It’s immediately noticeable that ‘Alakazam!’ doesn’t attempt to crack any age-old code of dance or try to break into new territory for the Justice, who have released it as the third preview of impending third LP Woman. Its bassline and beat are perfectly likable, draped in synths over the top that are admirable and somewhat catchy. It even also has a nice progression and groove thanks to its steady verse-chorus-breakdown-type structure, despite the lack of lyrics and the general simplicity of the piece.

But, unlike the orchestral intensity of ‘Safe And Sound,’ ‘Alakazam!’ fails to be much more than a “stand-at-the-edge-of-the-crowd-while-nodding-your-head-and-sipping-your-drink”-type disco song, bearing little in the way of either euphoria or psychedelia. It’s not the kind of thing that will send a crowd (or, for you millennials out there, the club) into overdrive – as a dance track, ‘Alakazam!’ is merely passable.

‘Alakazam!’ is out now via Ed Banger


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