Review: Louisa Johnson – ‘So Good’


Its a great song with a hooking beat and a sense of drama and sass. But its a copy-cat of Alessia Cara's 'Here', and is marred by this lack of originality.

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Louisa Johnson’s first proper single is conflicting. Although ‘So Good’ is dramatic, sassy, and actually surprisingly ‘So Good,’ at the same time I listened to it over again with a sense I’d heard it all before, and then realised why: it’s essentially a copy of Alessia Cara’s ‘Here,’ both thematically and instrumentally. In the end, the result has all the same character and strength yet somehow lacks all substance. To make matters worse, Johnson is no match for Cara, whose subtle tones equally surpass.

‘So Good’ itself, however, is strong. Its beat is engaging and the strung introduction is not only enticing but orchestrates a nicely dramatic tone. There are a couple of occasions during the song where her vocals feel a little too exposed, with high notes seem attempted but unfulfilled, however its best characteristic is a mature sassiness which represents a welcome growth from the Johnson we saw win The X Factor last year. Yet, it is this exhibition of Johnson’s talent for intense yet satisfying music that makes the song so frustrating. Even though it trumps most recent pop releases, it cannot do so with any originality.

‘So Good’ is out now via Simco


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