Review: Bonobo – ‘Kerala’


An incredible start to the Migration campaign that comes accompanied by an mesmerising video.

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‘Kerala,’ Bonobo’s latest masterpiece and a bite-sized taste of 2017 LP Migration, samples R&B artist Brandy’s smooth and soothing vocals mid-way through. A mesmerising work of art in more ways than one, it begins with a stunning simplicity as notes appear to melt into one another. There’s something intensely comforting about the easy-on-the-ears repetition which slowly grows throughout the song’s skips and jitters.

The music video, directed by Bison and starring St Trinian’s and Quantum Of Solace actress Gemma Arterton, is another piece of artistry in its own right. Fascinating and baffling in equal measure, it’s reminiscent of an intense and disconcerting trip as the repetition mutates from being peaceful into something which confuses the eye and puts the mind on edge. The focus is so intense upon Arterton that you may easily miss all the other subtle oddities (such as rising rocks or men stuck in loops) which give the track a new unsettling edge. In fact, I almost wish I’d never seen it – it’s what interrupts my peace whenever I listen to ‘Kerala’ now.

‘Kerala’ is out now via Ninja Tune


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