Review: Betsy – ‘Wanted More’


Ironically leaving me wanting more.

When Betsy first popped into my ears with ‘Lost And Found,’ I was mesmerised. Her voice was a sultry and soulful godsend, sent back to revive the 90s initially with debut EP Fair. ‘Wanted More,’ unfortunately, does not live up to its predecessor, frankly lacking its sharpness and clarity, resembling a butter knife when compared to the wonder that was ‘Lost And Found.’

Even though ‘Wanted More’ has lost the ferocity which initially hooked me and runs the risk of becoming musical wallpaper over time rather than being a centrepiece due to its repetitive nature, it remains a great, euphoric song in its own right. The music video does attempt to redress the balance with great aesthetic too, however I just feel this particular dose will only have a temporal place in my library.

‘Wanted More’ is out now via Warner


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