Review: Metronomy & Robyn – ‘Hang Me Out To Dry’


Worth a listen or two to take in the interesting synths, but avoid excess – you'll have that blasted line in your head all day.

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Among the single most appropriate words to describe Robyn’s discography is, in this reviewer’s opinion, ‘annoying.’ This is not always endearingly so, in the way that a lot of tracks hope for, and ‘Hang Me Out To Dry’ is no exception. Indeed, the collaboration with Devon’s electronic natives Metronomy hasn’t helped this pounding little number from supremely getting on my nerves.

That said, ‘Hang Me Out To Dry’ continued to get on my nerves long after ending. Chunky, lumbering synths start light and delicate before being repeatedly hit with Robyn’s repeating vocals. It has a fun, sunny, and somewhat irrepressible twang to it – appropriate, given the track is from taken from Summer 08, Metronomy’s latest album. It might not be groundbreaking, though it’s got immpecable production and an innovative sound that doesn’t go amiss this time of year, not to mention solid earworm potential, yet it is never fully what it tries to be. I can’t imagine when a listener might crave this track – you can’t immerse yourself in the rather lovely electronic vibes because you’re hit with that repeated refrain, nor can you shake it off as a daft vocal number and enjoy it on those grounds. It’s a confusing listen with a lot of interesting elements, but I’d rather hang it out to dry.

‘Hang Me Out To Dry’ is out now via Because Music


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