Review: Stevie Wonder feat. Ariana Grande – ‘Faith’


Stevie Wonder and Ariana Grande belt out an energetic yet soulless track which may be perfect for an animation but not for doing justice to their talents.

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In anticipation of Illumination’s Sing, a new animated film reaching the UK in January 2017, Stevie Wonder, one of the greatest names in soul and Motown, has come together with pop sweetheart Ariana Grande for a single that, in an ideal world, would be strong and soulful. Their power and talents are undeniable, and in collaboration you should need a fire extinguisher or two to cool it down. ‘Faith’, however, seems almost restrictive, with the repetitive “I got faith in you, baby” and unimaginative lyrics (“See that boy with the Stevie Wonder swag”).

However, it might be overly optimistic to expect much more from movie soundtrack, even in a year where everybody’s done them – the bouncing drum fills and sassy, catchy vocal melodies will surely fit more comfortably with Sing. ‘Faith’ will have you dancing violently around your bedroom for three minutes, mildly screaming whenever Stevie does a run. Yet, it certainly does not come close to the joy that a more raw, stripped back, soulful track by the two would bring.

‘Faith’ is out now via Republic Records


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