Review: Sia – ‘Angel by the Wings’


A chilling and empowering song with a memorable, punchy rhythm that will make you want to play it over and over again.

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Elusive singer/song-writer Sia has been releasing music since 1997. She received world wide recognition in 2013 after releasing ‘Elastic Heart’. This hit established Sia as a lead artist and many number one singles and albums followed.

She famously rejects the notion of fame; wishing to keep her status only about her music, she conceals her face in performance with her signature blonde bow wig.

This new hit ‘Angel by the Wings’ was recorded for the upcoming documentary The Eagle Huntress. The ballad is a softer, more understated song compared to Sia’s recent high intensity hits. This does not take away from the power and climax of the song however.

In true Sia fashion, the song is greatly motivating and empowering. Her simple but effective lyrics convey a theme of self promotion and the embracing of life. The song goes through great dynamic changes, from the quiet, haunting verses to the punchy climatic chorus’ stating powerfully ‘You can do anything’.

Effortlessly easy to imagine the song in the background of an epic film, this track is surely another success for the hugely talented musician.

‘Angel In The Wings’ is out now via Monkey Puzzle Records.


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