Review: Mallory Knox – ‘Better Off Without You’


A disappointing insight into what Mallory Knox might have to offer in their new album.

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Inspired by the personal experiences with anxiety of bassist Sam Douglas, Mallory Knox’s third tease of Wired, their third record, showcases Douglas’ frustration with doctors freely prescribing medication. Its lyrics (“Losing myself and loving no one”) highlight deeper layers which, alongside the fast-paced music, form a punchy and passionate tune.

This tone may borrow traits from bands like Fall Out Boy, including quick verses with fluctuating key changes, however ‘Better Off Without You’ contains typical Mallory Knox sounds: notably a strong string and drum presence, the recognisable addition of Mikey Chapman’s lead vocals. The slight variation in sound, though different, is not a negative.

Yet, this a somewhat disappointing track in terms of what Mallory Knox fans are used to. Compared to previous singles (e.g. 2014’s ‘Shout At The Moon’) which feature irresistible choruses, this more sombre venture is lacking. Although this chorus has the potential to truly strike a chord, it feels too short and lacking in the commitment that Mallory Knox usually showcases.

‘Better Off Without You’ is out now via Epic Records


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