Review: Digital Farm Animals feat. Hailee Steinfeld – ‘Digital Love’


Upbeat, cheesy house pop with lyrics that hit a little too close to home whilst trying to be cool.

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Just as one might expect from Digital Farm Animals – the cheesy, fun-loving, dance/pop producer also less entertainingly known as Nick Gale – ‘Digital Love’ provides three wonderful minutes of listening with sweet, playful synths and the guesting talents of Hailee Steinfeld, straight off her recent breakthrough hit ‘Starving’ with Grey and Zedd. It will lead you to dance in slow motion rather then go all out, feeling a little too mellow amidst the fun and underwhelming post-chorus climax.

The most worrying portion of ‘Digital Love,’ however, is the all-too-familiar tone of the lyrics. To many, I’m sure they seem just fine: generic pop clichés about love and the digital world we live in, presumably used to relate to the young people. Yet, scarily the words they both sing look more like my drunk texts than any truly meaningful. “I swipe right, cause I see just what I like / Baby, I tap twice for you,” the lines that open the chorus, sound like something I’d send to someone I probably shouldn’t when feeling a little too confident. To be honest, all this sort of thing will really do is leave an embarrassing aftertaste. (Honestly, I’m fine. Stop asking.)

In all seriousness, though, despite some extremely cringeworthy wordwork, ‘Digital Love’ is a pure dance/pop crossover offering of an ilk that we haven’t seen for a while. With the makings of a likely hit, it comes as a welcome remedy to the gloom of this time of year.

‘Digital Love’ is out now via Tim & Danny Music


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