Review: ANOHNI – ‘Paradise’


Great vocals and a solid beat make up for some messy production on ANOHNI's new track.

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With ‘Paradise,’ the first slice of solo ANOHNI material to follow HOPELESSNESS‘ Mercury and BRITs nominations, there is undoubtedly a great song to be found within, but it’s unfortunately a track that seems to have been run through the studio a few too many times. As ever, her vocals are stellar, projecting an anthemic and powerful aura to commands attention above all else. This balance doesn’t come to the detriment of the song’s beat – a soulful and searing electro-pop groove with hints of dance which sustains the track well. It’s just that everything else going on seems to restrain the piece.

The overproduced synths and effects gradually increase in number and start to become overbearing, as if ANOHNI crafted a well-constructed song but decided to revise it several times in order to guide it towards becoming a mainstream hit. ‘Paradise’ starts off sailing right towards the titular location before hitting choppy waters and divulging into a bit of a mess, failing to do justice to her vocals. It is by no means a bad track, but it shoots itself in the foot too readily to rise above the simply “good” territory.

‘Paradise’ is out now via Secretly Canadian.


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