Review: John Legend & Cynthia Erivo feat. yMusic – ‘God Only Knows’


A soothing, spine-tingling take on The Beach Boys' classic.

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In officially releasing their Grammys cover of The Beach Boys’ classic love song ‘God Only Knows,’ John Legend and Cynthia Erivo make an unlikely duo: Erivo’s musical stature has escalated rapidly over the years as she has transcended from the West End to Broadway, and her pairing with Legend, the balladeering connoisseur, just goes to prove the diversity of what she can offer. This slow, romantic track fits as a beautiful tribute to all the artists who passed in 2016, as was intended during its performance, with Legend and Erivo aptly intertwining their voices whilst maintaining modesty, simplicity, and style.

The charm of this rendition is held in its modesty, accomplished by Legend and Erivo with mastery and musical precision. Throughout, the duo play with the understated lullaby melody, whilst Erivo’s vocal control is almost teasing during the verses. Yet, during the repetition of the iconic refrain, the pair’s harmonies are reminiscent of a romance of a previous era as they generate a classic and heartwarming sound.

‘God Only Knows’ is out now via Columbia


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