Review: Linkin Park feat. Kiiara – ‘Heavy’


The first single of One More Light is fundamentally not good enough.

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‘Heavy,’ a pop-influenced first taste of Linkin Park‘s upcoming One More Light, is all kinds of disappointing. For fans of the band’s previous work – notably Hybrid Theory and Meteora – this single represents everything it shouldn’t. Whilst its easy-listening vibe and somewhat catchy chorus are undeniable, it doesn’t scream anything remotely.

Lead singer Chester Bennington’s voice sounds strained and stretched, trying desperately to conform to a song made for entering the pop charts, not the rock ones. The inclusion of Kiiara on the track seems almost a benign acceptance from the band that their sound is straying away from the memorable and exciting new ventures of the band and towards a pop-influenced aura that does not bode well for the new album, One More Light, out in May.

‘Heavy’ is out now via Warner Bros. Records


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