Review: Goldfrapp – ‘Anymore’

Ooh La La

Nothing outstanding, but a decent little jam. Check out the Joe Goddard and Danny Dove remixes for something a bit dancier.

Despite releasing two albums since that have both easily broken into the top 10, Goldfrapp hasn’t appeared to have much of an impact on the music scene since the 2007 smash hit ‘Ooh La La,’ taken from their fourth studio album Seventh Tree. ‘Anymore,’ the first portion delivered ahead of seventh record Silver Eye, looks the most likely successor in terms of longevity – it’s very much a 2017 revamp of that old Goldfrapp sound, complete with fresh synth samples and an upgrade of the vocal processing that has arguably become the London-based electro duo’s trademark.

The message of ‘Anymore’ seems very clear: with the phrase “I can’t wait” repeated 38 times and lines such as “You’re what I want / You’re what I need / Give me your love / Make me a freak”, ‘Anymore’ certainly seems to be written from the perspective of someone who is in a particular mood. There’s not a great deal of subtlety to the track, but that’s not necessarily a negative. Some of the finest pop is so in your face you can practically smell it. However, with Silver Eye out before the end of the month, it looks likely ‘Anymore’ will receive a brief resurgence soon, but beyond that it will probably fade away quietly without even enjoying the ad circuit boost of ‘Ooh La La.’ Maybe that’s not an entirely bad thing.

‘Anymore’ is out now via Mute Records


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