Review: Clean Cut Kid – ‘Leaving You Behind’


Whilst being disappointingly similar to previous releases, Evelyn Halls' empowering vocals give the band a much needed kick.

Of late Clean Cut Kid has done nothing but disappoint, with recent releases ‘We Used To Be In Love‘ and ‘Make Believe‘ failing to match previous highs. However, with the announcement of Felt, this unexpectedly uplifting post-breakup song (that could almost be seen as a sequel to the former) revitalises the Liverpudlian quartet’s mojo.

Whilst this is a topic the band has extensively explored in the past, ‘Leaving You Behind’ takes them in a different direction: once again bringing dominant harmonies from husband and wife duo Mike and Evelyn Halls, this time her vocals are given space to overpower his in the chorus for a sound not unlike The Japanese House. Until this moment it does, however, sound exactly the same as everything else the band has released, with high-pitched vocals over a powerful electric guitar and drum background. This trait, although instantly loving, annoys me significantly – an album full of identical songs isn’t one I want to listen to, and ‘Leaving You Behind’ does little to dispel my fears.

‘Leaving You Behind’ is out now via Polydor


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