Review: Lucy Rose feat. The Staves – ‘Floral Dresses’


A stunningly mournful single.

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Yet again gracing eardrums with lullabies, Lucy Rose takes a leap away from her previous work in the masterfully minimal and mature ‘Floral Dresses.’ To follow on from 2015’s Work It Out and its catchier, poppier singles like ‘Nebraska,’ Rose’s sound on the new single is far more sophisticated – and who better than Watford’s folk-rock sister trio The Staves to support this stylistic development?

Having previously dabbled throughout pop and indie stylings, ‘Floral Dresses’ shows Rose growing into her well-fitting folk shoes, as demonstrated in the emotive, raw sound she creates with truthful lyrics. Its warm, earthy vocals, supported by The Staves’ distinctive mermaid-like harmonies, tell a story of rebelling against family expectations (“Your disapproval cuts through”) which, when coupled with the minimal acoustic guitar instrumentation, feels earnestly personal.

The music video emanates this beautifully mournful feel, portraying Rose singing sadly with her guitar accompanied by other women mimicking her, giving the impression of a broader scale rejection of feminine expectations as explored in the lyrics. If ‘Floral Dresses’ is any indication of what else is to come from Rose’s new music, we’re a very lucky bunch indeed.

‘Floral Dresses’ is out now via Communion


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